Be Healthy and Happy Smile Gift Box

Product #J17071804

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The box is pure “happy” with its bold design and bright smiley face, but the contents inside are all about healthy. From Sahale savory snack bag, to CaberNayZyn crunchy superfood, dark chocolate-covered raisins and sea salt cashews, two crunchy peanut butter Clif bars and a box of cinnamon spice energizing herbal wellness tea, you’ll have them feeling great — body and soul.


'Be Healthy and Happy Smile Gift Box' includes:

  • CabernayZyn Crunchy Superfood Snack
  • Sahale Pomegranate Pistacahio 
  • Two Clif Bars Crunch Peanut Butter
  • Herbal Wellness Tea 'Energizing' Cinnamon Apple
  • Harvest Sweets Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins and Sea Salt Cashews